Airbrush color green 30ml


Colors make Airbrush razor sharp nail art creations. Solvent paints are suitable for all conventional airbrush compressors. The colors are characterized by a high color gloss and a lot of flexibility. MADE IN USA. You must air dry from the Airbrush

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Airbrush green color is ideal to create unique nail art on Acrylic and Gel nails. Discreet and elegant makes with the airbrush are depending on the pressure and design up to the striking fancy nail art creations. Each nail is the little graphic in time.

For professional use only / Apply only on artificial nails or on the base layer

A nail art can always be just as good as nail preparation. The application of the technique Airbrush nails acrylic or gel or enhanced natural nails is possible. The surface must be well cleaned, clean and dry. A standard skin protection stickers around the nails are glued to the finger protection. As the first is sprayed thumb nails. Adjust the pressure of the compressor 1.5 to 2 bar of the airbrush to start the application. The distance from the nails should be about 4-5 cm.

Nail Art Airbrush works in many thin layers. Therefore, the results are very subtle. In the first step, the nail is equipped with an injector. White is particularly good and brings to light the subsequent layers of color. Dry the first coat, Airbrush stencils to be used. The desired pattern is placed on the nail and pressed on. A small amount in the compressor tank is filled with the desired color, the distance during application can be slightly reduced. Also here they are used again in many layers.


The right modeler ALWAYS takes precautions. It is good to use a mask and gloves constantly. As non-toxic as a product is, man has not been made to breathe or drink it. Although research shows no problem, it is best to take precautions.

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