Artistic Manicure Kit with Lamp Lux X5 54W


The set includes:

  1. UV / LED lamp 54W Lux X5
  2. Nail Prep MollyLac 10ml
  3. Primer Non Acid MollyLac 10ml
  4. Strong Base MollyLac 5ml
  5. Doctor Top MollyLac 5ml
  6. Acrylic 50ml
  7. Slip Solution 100ml
  8. Metal plates x 2 pcs (randomly selected patterns)
  9. Glitter (color chosen at random)
  10. Rhinestone 50 pcs (mix of colors and sizes)
  11. Sealing varnish x 1 (color chosen at random)
  12. X1 hybrid seal (color is chosen randomly)
  13. Silicone brush for MollyLac Golden Rose decorations
  14. Round ombre sponge
  15. Gel Polish MollyLac 5ml x 3 (colors were chosen randomly)
  16. Satin Top MollyLac 5ml
  17. Glue for Foil MollyLac 10ml
  18. Foil MIX x 3 pcs
  19. Nail file MollyLac pencil 180/240 standard in a package
  20. Spider gel x 2 (color is chosen randomly)
  21. Magic Gem (color mix)
  22. Artistic gel (color is chosen randomly)
  23. MollyLac Water Ink x 2 pcs (randomly selected colors)
  24. Aromatic olive with pipette 10ml MollyLac Casino Royal
  25. Protector Gum MollyLac 10ml

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Artistic Manicure Kit with Lamp Lux X5 54W

Have you ever wondered if there is a perfect manicure kit to do semi-permanent at home by yourself or your client?

  • Very easy with the Artistic Box Nail Set that contains everything you can imagine as well as the Nail Lamp.
  • Specially selected products to make a durable and beautiful manicure like in a Nail Salon!
  • Ideal for professionals but also for beginners.

Beautiful and well-groomed nails are easy with this ready-made artificial nail kit to create an incredible manicure!

  • Nail Lamp X5 54W


    The X5 54W Nail Oven with 36 LEDs dual light source 365 + 405nm makes smart polymerization in all gel materials, semi-permanent thanks to the low heat function.

    The lamp emits white light, which is pleasing to the eye, and thanks to energy-saving technology, does not consume much power.

    The Oven X5 54W has a removable bottom, so you can also use it for pedicures.

    • Power supply: DC 24V 2A
    • Maximum power: 54W
    • UV / LED number: 36 pcs
    • Wavelength: 365 + 405 nm
    • Function: Standard, Low Heat Mode, Double Power
    • Dimensions: 236 x 210 x 117 mm

  • MollyLac Hybrid Varnishes

    MollyLac Hybrid Varnishes are the most beautiful, specially selected colors that we have collected in very interesting collections. If you try it once, you will love this brand forever.

Guarantees the highest quality of construction of all products contained in the Artistic Box Set with Lux Lamp.

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Dimensions* 30.5 × 27 × 11.5 cm
Weight* 1,590 g
* Indicated Dimensions & Weight of Package


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