Building Gel Perfect French Prima Donna 50ml


Professional single-phase UV/LED nail building gel ideal for tips and forms, to create a C-curve. The gel is very resistant to any mechanical

Application : apply a thin layer of Base Coat and then a stronger one to give shape. You can apply a third layer if you deem it necessary. Each layer must be polymerized for 2 minutes in a Led, UV lamp.

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Perfect French Prima Donna Building Gel

Single-phase building gel specially formulated for a natural look. The most fashionable color of this season. The perfect gel for demanding clients – give your nails an interesting and unique look. An excellent alternative to cover imperfections on the nail plate.

Invaluable time saver for manicurists! It is enough to cover the styling with a top coat, without the need to apply semi-permanent varnish.

Ideal for creating a C curve, for tips and forms . The gel is very resistant to any mechanics. No more air pockets and no more nail breakage.

  • Perfect French gels


    • Prima Donna monophasic Gel – reduces the time and amount of products used
    • it is a self-leveling gel.
    • Ideal for the technique without filing.
    • Ideal for beginners thanks to its self-leveling properties, it greatly facilitates the construction of nails
    • Does not expand when pincher is tightened.
    • It works perfectly with the natural nail plate, which prevents breakage.
    • It does not yellow, color or fade.
    • Thanks to its single-phase formula and excellent self-leveling properties, which allows for construction without filing, it significantly speeds up the work rate of professional stylists.
    • In the range of gels you can find shades with different degrees of coverage, from 60 to 90% – the most opaque ones perfectly camouflage the weaknesses of the plate.

  • Perfect French Building Gel

    Instructions for use

    1. We make the natural nail plate matte with a 180 or 240 grit polish or file (at your discretion).
    2. Degrease the nail plate with cleanser or alcohol.
    3. We apply Nail Prep or acid primer (if needed for problematic plaque) and then primer without acid .
    4. In case of extension – we apply a frame layer and polymerize in the lamp, e.g. UV / LED 48W — 60 seconds.
    5. Build the nail and then harden for 60 seconds. Tighten the tunnel after about 10 seconds.
    6. We cover the styling with semi-permanent varnish either e.g. with Top No Wipe Mr Miracle MollyLac .

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