COMBI brand diamond cutter


  • Special for Combi Manicure hyperkeratosis on natural nail for light skin hardening and for details in the pedicure
  • Special for the removal, care of the cuticles (cleaning – lifting of cuticles)
  • Made of high quality material against overheating

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Diamond cutter ideal for delicate treatment of the surface, the nail wall and the skin.

Medium hardness diamond cutter for cuticles
Create a perfect manicure for your clients.
With this new technique, you can apply the gel & lac very close to the nails, so you can save an extra week until maintenance. Your client will receive the most spectacular result ever
Diamond cutters are galvanized tools made of diamond nuggets. Very small grains of hard metal nuggets alternate on the surface, creating small notches that rub and cut the surfaces.

Metal alloys consist of metal elements of diamond, carbide, tungsten and other hard metals attached and homogenized on the surface of the milling machine. COMBI Diamond Cutter: Sterilization All cutters (wheel cutters for manicure and onychoplasty and Combi method), are always sterilized at high temperature. You can put them in the crystal sterilizer or in a high temperature oven.


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