Gel Polish Cat Eyes Molly Lac


Semi-permanent Gel Polish Cat Eyes Prizma that changes color in the dark when bright light falls.

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HOW TO DO a semi-permanent manicure
with new Prizma Cat Eyes Gel Polish

First, wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect them. Then start cleaning the cuticles so that the surface of the nail is completely clean and the base can be better applied to the nails. There is no need to cut the cuticles, just push them back to keep the nail clean. This way you avoid infections. Of course, if you prefer cutting them and know how, do it.

Then use a buffer or a file to smooth the surface of the nail to make it matte, also paying attention to the corners of the nail. Then dust the nail with a brush.

Dehydrate the surface of the nail using cellulose paper (or cotton) soaked in Cleanser or alcohol.

Apply a thin layer of Primer on the natural nail plate and wait 1 minute.

After a base coat, polymerize in the oven for one minute. With cellulose (cotton) soaked in cleanser (alcohol) take the sticky surface.

Apply the semi-permanent varnish and polymerize in the lamp (oven).

At the end you can polish the nail with Top Coat . Apply nail oil to the cuticles 👍

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