Gel Polish VipLac Neonmind 5g 47


Neonmind is what you need for summer – refreshment, fun and … color! This series contains 8 beautiful neon colours that will definitely make you feel beautiful!

Reflective, strong neon with perfect coverage – yellow, green, pink and variations on them!

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VipLac Neonmind 5g 47

  • Ημιμόνιμο Βερνίκι VipLac Neonmind


    First of all  do the procedure for a clean nail and then apply the primer optionally, without the use of a UV lamp or LED.

    1. Apply a thin layer of base coat and polymerise in at least 36 Watt UV lamp for 2 minutes or in an LED lamp for 30-60 seconds.
    2. Continue with a thin layer of the color of your choice and polymerise again for 2 minutes in a UV lamp or 30-60 seconds in a LED lamp.
    3. Repeat a thin layer of the paint again and polymerise again at the respective times depending on the nail lamp.
    4. Finish with top Coat applying a regular coat and curing for 3 minutes in a UV lamp or 90 seconds in a led lamp.

  • VipLac Neonmind


    1. Remove the Top coat lightly from the surface of the nail with a file
    2. Soak a thin piece of cotton wool with nail polish remover .
    3. Place it on the nail and wrap it with foil.
    4. Wait for 2 to 5 minutes.
    5. Remove the foil with the cotton and gently remove the polish.

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