Lashes Primer Code 15ml


Primer for degreasing Eyelash and Eyebrow Extension 15ml

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Primer cleans and prepares the lashes, eliminates any residue and grease, improves adhesion and gives greater resistance to the extension and thickening of the lashes.

With the help of degreasing, the glue dries faster and makes the lashes last longer. Reduces application time and improves eyelash strength.

Primer is a professional product. It is a safe product. It does not affect existing welds.

It is very effective, use just before application on the entire length of the lashes.

The Primer can be applied with microbrushes (only one drop per application), the excess liquid to drain, wait a while for it to dry.

Repeated degreasing will give us confidence for an improved adhesion and durability of the applied lash.

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