Nail Forms Holo 500 pcs


Flexible, perfect 2-in-1 suits for master and hairdressing style. Thanks to the perfectly selected material, they can withstand the load of a large amount of gel and after tearing at the point of perforation, they become a perfect form for daily work in styling salons. You no longer need to buy two different uniforms to train in the league and create lounge shapes for your customers!

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Holo Elongation Forms 500 pcs

Professional forms for Acrylic and Gel method, Acrygel . The patterns are distinguished by excellent quality and have a notch, which in a very easy way you can adjust the nail, without the need for cutting.

Vertical slits are provided that perfectly match the shape of the finger.

The molds are made of a flexible material with a very strong adhesive

Quantity: 1 roll / 500 Pieces

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Weight* 630 g
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