NTN Premium 2in1 Nail Base, Funky Neon 5gr 04


Discover the large range of NTN Premium 2in1 bases for nail polishes for manicure and natural enhancement in the most beautiful fluorescent colors!

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NTN Premium 2in1 Nail Base, Funky Neon

  • ΝΤΝ Premium 2in1 Base Coat


    1. Apply a thin layer of NTN Premium 2in1 for a prepared nail plate afterwards build the curve and apex. Polymerise and apply Top Coat or remove the sticky substance with Cleanser.
    2. Polymerisation times: LED 48W — 30 sec., LED 24W — 60 sec., UV / LED 36W — 45 sec.

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Weight* 33 g
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