Plasticine 5D Gel 5gr Lavenoder


5D GEL MODELLING (3D LACE) is plasticine for sculptural decoration.

Suitable for creating lace and embossed designs with a result like that of acrylic.

It is applied over Top and is compatible with all onychoplasty products on the market. Works preferably with a silicone brush.

Curing time 3 minutes, no Top Coat or Finish Gel required.

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  • Plasticine 5D Gel Lavenoder

    Instructions for use

    First do the procedure for a clean nail.

    Procedure for flower design

    1. Remove a small part of it from the jar of 5D GEL Modeling with the appropriate tool.
    2. Knead it in your palm until it is ready for use after we have cleaned the surface of our hand with alcoholic lotion
    3. We place it on the nail
    4. We create the design we want with a Nail Art brush
    5. Each time we complete a part of our design we polymerize at the respective times depending on the lamp (3 minutes in UV, 90 seconds in LED
    6. When we complete the design of our choice, we polymerize at the respective times depending on the lamp

  • Subtraction

    Remove with the help of the wheel or the file.

  • Precautions

    1. Keep out of reach of children
    2. Keep it away from the sun and heat
    3. Close the lid tightly after use
    4. Follow the instructions for use
    5. Discontinue use if sensitization occurs

  • Caution

    We always pass our brush in an alcoholic lotion after each application

    We always polymerize 5D GEL gradually during our creation and not once in the end

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