Replacement filter for SheMax Lash


Replacement special filter suitable for the collector of toxic fumes SheMax Lash – Collector of toxic fumes.

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SheMax Lash special replacement filter

Did you know that according to the type of your allergies, any immunologist can determine how long you have been working as an eyelash extension master?

Sooner or later, it manifests itself in all masters: from a banal headache to asthma or anaphylactic shock.

The fact is that cyanoacrylate, which is part of every glue for eyelash extension and provides instant strong adhesion. It is very toxic and volatile. Its vapors not only affect the respiratory tract but are also absorbed by the skin and hair and cause allergic reactions.

Therefore, especially for eyelash manufacturers, SheMax has created the world's first collector of toxic vapors “SheMax-Lash”, which prevents the "hit of harmful vapors on the target."

The main advantage of the toxic vapor collector is the high-quality adsorption filter – an absolute innovation of SheMax engineers.

The filter is based on crushed activated carbon, which instantly neutralizes harmful vapors. This is the most effective sorbent.

The uniqueness of the “SheMax-Lash” manifold filter design is a disc with the shape of a honeycomb.

Fine dust and vapors simply touch the filter material. It evenly distributes toxic air within the manifold, passes it through each carbon comb, and provides triple purification.

The filter is easy to use – to replace it, it is enough to remove the magnetic grid of the collector.

Disposal of dust and smoke is completely safe – all toxic substances are pressed under high pressure and turn into granules.

As a result, the beauty-master, even with an 8-hour shift, isn't exposed to aggressive toxic fumes that provoke dangerous allergic reactions.


The main advantage is a high-quality adsorption filter, personally developed. The basis of the filter is carbon, which is an excellent sorbent in the fight against vapors. The location of the coal in the filter has a honeycomb shape. This complex design is specially chosen so that the air is evenly filtered through each individual cell. Activated carbon is the basis of the filter and is inside the cells in a crushed state. Thanks to this, it is always evenly distributed inside and ensures uniform cleaning.

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