Thixotropic Smart Builder Gel Latte 15g


Medium fluidity, monophasic gel, excellent quality. It guarantees perfect adhesion between the natural nail and the gel.

It is suitable for beginners and experienced craftsmen. It doesn't run, it doesn't turn yellow. With proper application, no filing is necessary.

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Kris Nails Smart Gel Hot Latte

Thixotropic Smart Gel by Kris Nails is an innovative product. It is a new generation monophasic Builder gel that makes modeling a real pleasure. The thick gel liquefies (becomes fluid) when moved with the help of a brush. But as soon as it is left, it becomes thick again, it congeals again. It is ideal for hardening the natural plate as well as building and extending the nails.

It looks thick in the jar, but after applying it to the nail plate and working it in with the brush, it becomes a bit runnier. Due to its composition, you can build all 5 nails directly without running. It does not flow down and does not flood the cuticles.

Application : apply a thin layer as a base and then a more reinforced one to give shape. You can apply a third layer if you deem it necessary. Each layer must be cured for 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

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