Top no wipe MollyLac Pearly Gold Hema/di-Hema free 10g

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Hema free. HEMA is the Monomer that can cause adverse skin reactions such as itching, scaling and redness.

Top Mollylac Pearly is the best choice for semi-permanent varnishes, gels, acrygels. The top's special formula provides crystal-clear protection for your style without fear of staining or yellowing like tempered glass.

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Why should you have it?

  • Top no wipe MollyLac is long lasting.
  • Protects the nail without dulling, peeling or causing damage
  • Easily removed with pure acetone
  • The effect of tempered glass on your nails that never turns yellow
  • Extremely convenient to apply
  • Prevents shattering, giving the effect of a crystal glass.
  • An amazing glow the whole time you wear it
  • No sticky substance after curing
  • Polymerization time in a 48W LED / UV lamp: 45 sec

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Weight* 53 g
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