Zola Skin Color Remover 200 ml


Το προϊόν προορίζεται για την αφαίρεση υπολειμμάτων βαφής από το δέρμα μετά τη βαφή.

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Various cosmetic procedures require not only the professionalism of the master, but also the use of high-quality cosmetic products that are necessary for them. So, in the process of dyeing eyebrows or eyelashes, the paint can remain in those places where it is undesirable and a special remover is used to remove it. It should be hypoallergenic and have a neutral composition. 

ZOLA Skin Color Remover is designed to remove paint residue from the skin after coloring. Consistency allows you to control the cost of money and lose even the smallest aspects.

Due to its special composition, the product gently cleanses the surface of the skin and does not overdry it. Raspberry Ketone has a general strengthening effect, stimulates growth and prevents signs of early hair loss.

Volume: 200 ml

Country of origin: Ukraine



Βάρος* 53 g
* Αναγράφεται Βάρος της συσκευασίας


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