Botox Cure for eyebrows and eyelashes ZOLA 15 ml


  • Quick application
  • Duration 4-6 weeks
  • Easy & painless process
  • Protection & nourishment of eyelashes
  • Effect of thicker eyelashes
  • Natural lash curve
  • Contains natural ingredients such as castor oil
  • The best alternative to eyelash extensions

This particular treatment if carried out with the prescribed procedure is completely painless and safe for your eyes and eyelashes. It is done while your eyes are closed, lying comfortably on a special bed and without feeling the slightest discomfort. Made in Ukraine

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For professional use

Way of use:

1. Apply the formulation to the eyelashes or eyebrows with a micro brush with a margin of 2 mm from the root or along the entire length of the growth of the eyelashes/eyebrows.

2. Leave the composition for 3-7 minutes, let it be completely absorbed.

3. Remove the remains of the composition with a microbrush or cotton.

Botox is recommended to be used after the 1st and 2nd Step For Lamination.

If there is a 3rd layer, apply the 3rd layer first (step 3 for lamination) and hold for 2 minutes, rinse with a wet cotton sponge. After that, we apply botox for 3-7 minutes. Apply gently.

Remove the remains of the composition with a microbrush or cotton. You can not wash off.

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