Brow Henna Zola 5gr 10 Yellow

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Expressive effect that lasts. Lasting effect up to 3 weeks natural effect. ZOLA Henna for Professional Use Light Brown – Ideal for light skin with light blonde hair – light shade on the skin

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Eyebrow henna is an aesthetic treatment that can provide the ideal shape and color to your eyebrows at a low cost and with a natural result! It is also a "test" for those women who hesitate to apply semi-permanent eyebrow makeup ! No chemicals are required in its application. Vitamin supplements. Contains no lead.

It is recommended that the treatment be repeated every two to three weeks for maximum effect. The result is very natural and you will not worry about painting your eyebrows every day!

  • We clean and shape the eyebrows so that we have well-shaped eyebrows before application.
  • We clean the eyebrows of oiliness and dead cells as the cleaner the skin, the longer henna Zola lasts.
  • We choose the color based on the natural color of the eyebrows, hair color and skin tone. There is a wide range of colors, from very light blonde to black, so you have to trust the artist to choose the color because she can mix even two colors for a perfect result.
  • We apply henna Zola using a special brush . For a softer result, we can apply henna to the hair only, avoiding contact with the skin.
  • The intensity of the color depends on how long we will leave henna Zola on the skin. The longer we leave it on the skin, the more intense the result will be. The artist will decide how long to leave the henna based on how intense you want your eyebrows and according to each occasion.

You should not get your eyebrows wet for the next 24 hours. In this way you achieve the maximum duration of the effect. Avoid the gym or any other vigorous activity for the next 24 hours. Do not use cleaning products on your eyebrows. Avoid using creams or oils around the eyebrow area.


– Zola Henna is for professional use only.

– Do not use the product after the Expiry Date (stated on each capsule).

– Do not keep Henna on the skin for more than 20 minutes.

– Do not use the product on disordered skin.

– Do not use the product for eyelash tinting.

– Do not mix it with oxidants.

– Only use freshly prepared Henna for each treatment.

– Henna contains natural ingredients but also a PPD which may irritate the skin. The patch test is recommended.

How to use:

  1. Use foam cleanser onto the cotton pad. Take the angled cleansing brush and, with gentle circular motions, massage the cleanser into the eyebrows. (Do not use mascara brush)
  2. Rinse foam with lukewarm water and tap dry with soft tissue.
  3. In a non-metallic container, mix the Henna (equivalent to 2 grains of rice) with 5-8 drops of mineral water to achieve soy sauce consistency*. Mix thoroughly.
  4. With an angled brush, create a soft ombre effect spreading the color evenly and smoothly without making spots and gaps. Remember to apply a thin layer of the product.
  5. To achieve bold and defined skin stain apply the Henna in several layers. The more layers you will use, the more significant intensity of the color you will get. (2-3 layers are recommended)
  6. We recommend waiting until Henna dries completely, then it can be removed with a wet cotton pad.

Ingredients: lawsonia inermis, emblica officinlias (amla), Acacia consinna (shikakai), Para Phenylene Diamine (p-phenylenediamine), Para amino phenol (p-aminophenol), Magnesium Carbonate, Sodium Sulfite, Tartaric Acid, Soap Stone

+ Dual-purpose product is a lightweight oil for your eyebrows and lashes, with a pleasant aroma and delicate texture. Zola oil is made from all-natural ingredients, so you can feel good about using it. It's been shown to stimulate eyebrow growth!

How to use:

– Apply a few drops onto brows after the brow treatment

– This product is ideal for salon resale

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