Build It 5in1 Base Coat & Top 10ml Peach


New product Base and Top in a bottle.

The liquidity of 5 in 1 Base Coat & Top provide ease of use for beginners and professionals.

You can build it, extend it, strengthen it and make your nails strong without having to use a separate base and top coat.

Build It 5in1 Base Coat & Top ideal for damaged nails.

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Build It 5in1 Base Coat & Top Peach color

  • Build It 5 σε 1 Base Coat & Top

    Application Instructions

    We leave the Build It 5in1 Base Coat & Top plain because it has a covering shade and is ideal as a natural nail enhancement that camouflages small imperfections on the nail surface. But we can if we want to paint from above with these Semi-Permanent Varnishes / Top Coat.

    Cures in 30 seconds with LED lamp and in 2 minutes with UV lamp.

  • Subtraction

    Step 1 : Remove the Top coat lightly from the nail surface with a file

    Step 2 : Soak a thin piece of cotton withNail Polish .

    Step 3 : Place it on the nail and wrap it with foil.

    Step 4 : Wait for 2 to 5 minutes.

    Step 5 : Remove the foil with a cotton swab and gently remove the varnish with a cutter.

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