Carbide nail drill bit corn red FT90R060 / 14 Staleks


STALEKS Carbide nail drill bit for removing material from the most durable and hardest materials.

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Staleks Carbide nail drill bit, “corn”, red, head diameter 6 mm / working part 14 mm

Carbide nail drill bit high strength that does not heat up and does not wear easily.

This one has a conical shape, and is ideal for removing gel and acrylic, as well as any hard material.

Carbide nail drill bits are harder than ceramic cutters and can withstand more wear. They are ideal for various uses and are an essential tool for any nail technician using a wheel. For only semi-permanent removal, opt for ceramic nail drill bits. For hard material removal and experienced technicians, opt for carbide bits.

With carbide nail drill bit you can easily and quickly remove semi-permanent, artificial, or gel, even with the hardest materials. The difference with ceramic milling cutters is that their material is harder. That’s why it’s better to remove but harder to use.

Carbide bits are ideal for:

  • Semi-permanent removal
  • Gel removal
  • Acrylic removal
  • To give shape to the nail
  • To smooth the acrylic or gel
  • Shape: Conical

Carbide nail drill bits: Sterilization

All bits are always sterilized at a high temperature. You can put them in the high temperature oven .

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