Cleaner With Perfume 100ml Allepaznokcie


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Cleaner 100ml

  • Removes grease and cleans nails before application
  • Removes the sticky remains of Gel, Polygel, etc. and gives extra shine
  • Increases the adhesion of applied materials
  • Disinfects the nail plate
  • Does not damage painted nail surfaces

What is a nail dehumidifier? This cosmetic product performs the following functions:

  • disinfection plate.
  • nail degreasing.
  • restoration of natural acidity.
  • the removal of various contaminants of technical and natural origin, including traces of grease;
  • reducing the risk of developing the disease and complications after it.
  • nail health.
  • the elimination of excess moisture from the nail, its drying, which guarantees the durability of the combination of artificial with a natural coating.

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