Dehydrator NTN 7ml


Oil remover, ideal for preparing the natural nail.

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Dehydrator for preparing and dehydrating the natural nail, so that it can better accept whatever material is used for technical work. The advantage of this cosmetic is an ideal dehydration – an excessive loss of water – in other words, it dries the nail plate before a hardened acrylic or gel composition is used. It is highly recommended for achieving the maximum adhesion of Gel, as well as for a hybrid or acrylic nail. In the case of very oily nails, after a few applications, it minimizes the risk of aeration of the product.

  • Nail prep: Characteristics

    • Does not require wiping
    • Closes exfoliated nail cells without disturbing the balance after a thinning or abrasive buffering process
    • It does not affect the pH of the nails
    • Very effective
    • Disinfects, cleans, dehydrates the nail plate
    • Packaging : 7ml

  • Way of use

    Apply a thin layer of the product to a prepared, smoothed and cleaned nail plate with a slightly strained brush. Wait until it dries.

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