Eyelash Lamination Set Kodi


  • Quick application (45 minutes)
  • Duration 4-6 weeks
  • Easy & painless procedure
  • Eyelash protection & nourishment
  • Effect of thicker lashes
  • Natural eyelash curve
  • Contains natural ingredients such as castor oil
  • The best alternative to eyelash extensions

This treatment if performed with the prescribed procedure is completely painless and safe for your eyes and eyelashes. It is done while you have your eyes closed, lying comfortably on a special bed and without feeling the slightest discomfort.

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Eyelash Lamination Set CODE

  4. PRIMER 15GR
  6. MICRO BRUSH (100)
  7. GLUE FOR EYELASH BIOWAVING (Glue for Eyelash Lamination)

In the line of the lashes of the lower eyelid, we isolate them with the special gel eye-pads. Then special silicone rollers are placed in which the lifting will be done and the appropriate curvature will be given to the natural hairs of the upper eyelid. The silicone rolls are glued to the skin with the special lash lift glue, which is known for the natural ingredients it contains.

An additional 2 types of lotions are used during the lifting process. The first has the property of softening the hair while the second gives the desired direction and curvature to the lashes. The duration of application of the lotions is 10 – 20 minutes depending on the thickness and hardness of the natural lashes of each client. These creams are specially formulated for new technicians to provide security in their applications without any risk to their residence time.

Can we color the natural lashes after the lash lift treatment?

Of course! In general, not only can we but it is also recommended, because the creams have the ability to lighten by 0.5 – 1 the tone of the color of our natural lashes. The coloring contributes to more impressive results and customers are usually happy when they find their lashes more intense and their eyes more distinct as if they had used mascara.

Lamination treatment is a procedure performed exclusively by specialized technicians.

Procedure :
1. Cover the lower lashes with Patches.

2. Primer clean and prepare the upper lashes.

3. Get Rollers for Eyelash Lamination glue them with transparent glue, put lashes

4. Apply the composition (lotion) No. 1 from the roots to the ends, cover with foil, hold for 5-8-10 minutes.
5. Remove the film, remove the composition No. 1 from the roots to the ends with a cotton swab.
6. Apply the composition (lotion) No. 2 from the roots to the ends, cover with foil, holding time 5-8-10 minutes.
7. Remove composition No. 2. Remove the Patches. Apply keratin.

Note: The procedure is not compatible with the eyelash extension procedure.

Brow Lamination is the professional eyebrow upgrade that includes the semi-permanent Eyebrow Lift (Brow Lift) and the filling of the eyebrows both with their stabilized upward formation and with the special eyebrow semi-permanent paint and eyebrow nourishing butter. When the eyebrows are unruly, curly and sloppy the brow lamination brings them in a row.

When the hairs are lined up in the desired arrangement with the help of the semi-permanent straightening-correcting lotion that stretches and aligns them, the eyebrows – even the sparse eyebrows – look fuller precisely because they lift and of course the brow bomber that tames them comes in. and restructures them. So the eyebrows look richer and you have the feeling that you have done eyebrow tattoo or that you have put a pencil. Only that the client does not care at all or almost not at all for the care of her eyebrows after the brow lamination for up to 6 weeks.

How to Use Eyebrow Lamination

Apply a sufficient amount of cream number 1 on the eyebrows, giving direction to the eyebrow hair upwards. Then as soon as you apply it on the whole eyebrow you have to cover it with a transparent plastic film and continue with the other respectively.

This cream has the property of softening the natural hair, enabling you to shape the desired direction for your styling.

To achieve this you must repeat the procedure every two minutes and give the desired direction to the eyebrow hairs. Every time you finish each eyebrow do not forget to apply the transparent plastic film.

The treatment time with this cream in total is between 12-14 minutes , depending on the hardness and thickness of your client’s hair. The thicker the eyebrows, the longer it takes to achieve the desired results. When finished, thoroughly remove cream No. 1 and make sure there are no residues.

Then apply the cream No. 2 in the direction of the desired formation you want to achieve. Once you have finished each eyebrow, cover it with the transparent plastic film and repeat the process every 2 minutes. The total duration of this step is average 8-10 minutes. Always make sure that the eyebrow hairs stay in the desired position.

Finally, remove the cream No. 2 and give keratin and hydration by applying the keratin cream for 5 minutes on the hair.

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