Filter for ÜLKA Tiny


Replacement HEPA filter for the ÜLKA Tiny professional dust collector.

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HEPA Filter for ÜLKA Tiny vacuum cleaner

Replacement HEPA filter for the ÜLKA Tiny professional dust collector. The HEPA filter belongs to the category of high efficiency air filters. It allows you to 100% clean the air from the dust formed during nail processing.

The main difference between a HEPA filter and other types of filters is the ability of its fibers to capture, hold and deposit particles of absolutely any size. The design of the Ülka dust collector includes a HEPA filter above the motor, which prevents dust from re-inflating. This allows you to protect not only the craftsmen and customers, but also the equipment itself.

  • How to care for an ÜLKA dust collection filter


    • The filter can get wet, just rinse it under running water and let it dry completely
    • It is recommended to clean after 2-3 customers
    • For a long filter life, it is desirable to clean the fine particles with a narrow brush.

Reusable HEPA filters are easy to maintain and can significantly reduce filter replacement costs. The HEPA filter must be washed with water at least once a day. Rinse the washable filter until the water runs clear and allow it to dry completely before installation.

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