Glue Focus 6ml Lovely

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all for highly experienced specialists. Black color. Connection speed: Instant . Bond strength: 5-8 weeks. Very convenient to use. Hypo-allergenic.

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The color of the glue can range from black to gray. This is not a deviation. The quality of the glue does not depend on its color.

The optimal conditions for using the glue are the temperature from +18 to +24 ° С with air humidity from 40 to 70%.
The shelf life of the adhesive is 6 months from the time of production.
Expiration date after opening is 2 months. In order not to lose unused glue at the end of the shelf life, you need to buy such a volume of glue that you can use during 2 months.
It is important that the room where the application takes place has a cool temperature (18-23 ° C) and high humidity (50-80%).

Store the bottle in an upright position, in a cool but not refrigerated place, out of the reach of children. Keep away from fire!
To extend the quality of the glue, you can store it in the special "glue thermal protection" bag, but also install an air conditioner and air humidifier. So you can always maintain favorable indoor conditions and your glue will work perfectly.

Shake well before use! Put a drop on a special surface and immerse the base of the hair. Every 15-20' we renew the product, pouring a new drop, in another position on the special surface. Avoid skin contact. For best use, quickly wipe the nose of the bottle with a tissue to avoid clogging. Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse immediately with water and consult a doctor.

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