Hybrid Gel Polish MollyLac 10ml 472 Berry Kiss


Special formula with medium density. Full coverage with only two thin layers giving the highest possible shine. Natural result without the "fattening nails" effect.

Molly Lac Hybrid Varnishes provide a style that stays on when fashion is gone.

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MollyLac Hybrid Nail Polish 10ml 472 Berry Kiss

MollyLac Hybrid Nail Polish is a unique range of shades in wonderful collections with excellent coverage of up to two thin layers, perfect, medium density consistency, durability and easy removal with a file, nail wheel or liquids with acetone as Cleacer M Cleanser .

  • Molly Lac Hybrid Nail Polish


    Each layer must be cured for 2 minutes in a UV lamp or 30 seconds in LED, UV / LED, CCFL.

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Weight* 33 g
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