Hybrid Gel Polish MollyLac 5ml 598 Soul-Ty


Special formula with medium density. Full coverage with only two thin layers giving the highest possible gloss. Natural result without the “fattening nails” effect.

MollyLac Hybrid Polishes provide a style that remains when fashion goes out.

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MollyLac Hybrid Nail Polish 5ml 598 Soul-Ty

MollyLac Hybrid Gel Nail Polish is a unique range of shades of wonderful collections with perfect coverage by two thin layers, excellent medium density consistency, durability and easy removal with a file, Nail Drill or liquids with acetone like Cleaner MollyLac.

  • Molly Lac Hybrid Gel Nail Polish


    Each layer should be cured for 2 minutes in a UV lamp or 30 seconds in LED, UV / LED.

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Weight* 33 g
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