MollyLac Milky Builder Base Snow 10g


You can use it to extend the nail, build it or use it as a base for styling with gel. An enjoyable babyboomer or maybe a version of natural elegance? One thing is for sure – you will love Milky Builder bases! Extremely strong, and at the same time flexible hybrid base that will face the imperfections of the natural nail plate hiding its imperfections.

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The peculiarities of MollyLac Milky Builder Base Snow do not run and do not pick up during application, leaving a uniform result.

The MollyLac Milky Builder Base Snow we leave it plain because it has a covering shade and is ideal as a natural nail enhancement that camouflages small imperfections on the nail surface. But we can if we want to paint from above with these Semi-Permanent Varnishes / Top Coat

Milky Builder Base MollyLac is a product for special tasks. Approach it when you need extreme control over your manicure and also when you want to be sure that you need a product that will never disappoint you! You can be sure that it will work perfectly with your natural nail and will prevent cracks and breakage of the varnish. Due to its dense consistency, the base does not run on your skin. We can easily even out the inhomogeneity in the nail plate, which we will achieve thanks to its properties since it is self-leveling.

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Weight* 53 g
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