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Professional nail file 100/180 GRITT crescent.

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A nail file is essential for every nail technician. There are many types on the market, made of different materials and shapes. The numbering mentioned in files 80, 100, 180, 240 refers to the numbers corresponding to the number of grains per 1 cm 2 of the file.

  • What do the numbers on nail files mean?

    As these numbers increase, it means that the texture is finer, and conversely, as they decrease, the thicker and rougher it is. The fewer the GRITs, the coarser the surface of the file and vice versa.

    • 80 GRIT Very coarse grit. Used to remove acrylic – gel – acrylic gel. (attention: if the material is thin, it is better to work with 100/100 GRIT)
    • 100 GRIT Used to shape artificial sidewalls and shape them. (not recommended for shaping the body of the nail, it might create deep cracks.
    • 180-240 GRIT Used to shape the natural nail as well as in preparation for acrylic, gel and acrylic application.
    • 320-600 GRIT Files are polished

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