Paraffin hand mask against pigment spots Farmona Professional 300g

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Cold paraffin hand mask. Paraffin treatments are an ideal way to upgrade your skin care services and attract new customers. As an added bonus, this easy treatment only takes a few minutes of your time, yet your clients will leave the studio as relaxed and refreshed as ever!

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The paraffin treatment of hands and feet is very important because it moisturizes, protects the skin from aging and freckles and gives a silky effect. It is very nice and important for a woman to have beautiful, soft and well-groomed hands.

Also, paraffin treatment is particularly suitable for problematic nails and skin, but it can also have a healthy benefit for the nails, because it maintains their flexibility and strengthens the skin surrounding them, which is a prerequisite for the health and durability of the fingers .

You can treat the elbow and knee areas in the same way if there is a dry skin problem.


Apply a layer of paraffin on a cleansed and dry body. Wash off after about 20 minutes. To achieve a better result with the application of paraffin if your skin is too dry, leave the paraffin for a longer time, you can even sleep with the paraffin and a pair of socks and keep it until the morning.

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