Pedicure hats 13 mm 150 grit 10 pcs


Spare pedicure caps, of exceptional quality and durability, are sterilized in a bag for better hygienic work.

Wash and spray with antiseptic.

Hardness 150 grit.

In stock

We place the pedicure cap on the corresponding base and we use it to smooth the hardenings on the heels, mainly for points such as between the toes or on their sides. Also for the same points in the manicure.

The abrasive cap goes beyond the features and benefits of other podiatry tools in many ways :

  • Cleaning the abrasive cover is not necessary, saving time and effort.
  • Disposable hygiene caps prevent infection, making the patient comfortable and safe.
  • There is no risk of injury, as with a scalpel.
  • Patients with diabetes feel better and safer during the treatment of feet with abrasive caps. Even with a reduced sense of temperature and pain and impaired wound healing, no issues or injuries occur during treatment.

Note : Sterilized in sterilizing fluid.


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