Podology Nippers For Ingrown Toenails PODO 30 18mm


High specification and durable tool from the world famous STALEKS company. Staleks PODO (NP-30/18)

Can be used in manicure & pedicure. It is disinfected and sterilized in all kinds of sterilizers and ovens. In a dry oven at 180C for 40'.

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Suitable for correcting thin and soft nail plates. Suitable for pedicure and manicure. Manually sharpened cutting edges prevent nail splitting. The exceptional hardness of the metal allows the tweezers to stay sharp for longer. The round curved handles guarantee a comfortable grip.

Sterilization process in our tools

Proper Instrument Sterilization ProcedureProper Instrument Sterilization Procedure

Cuticle Cutter with a special side tip that helps to easily cut the nail cuticles.

Suitable for upper and lower extremity cuticles. Stainless steel, does not rust in the sterilization oven. Extra ground cutting blades.

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