Poly Gel Milano Cosmetic 30ml No35 Milk


Poly Gel Neon is applied with any technique such as: Natural reinforcement, Extension with form, Extension with tips, Extension with Dual form.

Great durability and duration without burning sensation.

Suitable for application by beginners, easy to file.

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Poly Gel 30ml from Milano Cosmetic that combines the strength of acrylic, without its unpleasant smell. It is offered both for lengthening to whatever length you wish, as well as for natural strengthening.

  • Poly Uv Gel Milano


    • It does not "run" like Gels, so it is stable during application, making the process of lengthening or natural strengthening easier
    • It does not dry like acrylic, since polymerization is required like building gels after application to all nails
    • Does not leave dust when filing
    • Cures in a UV / LED lamp
    • Perfect coverage in just one coat
    • Great durability and durability
    • Removal is easier than acrylic, saving significant time during maintenance

  • Poly Uv Gel Milano

    Way of use

    1. After we finish the preparation on the natural nail, we apply the Base Coat and polymerize.
    2. Press the tube lightly and cut a small amount of Poly Gel with a metal pusher .
    3. Place on the surface of the nail and wet our brush with Cleanser .
    4. Then we press the amount of Poly Gel (Acrygel) dabbing on the surface of the nail or on the form, until we form the desired shape.
    5. We polymerize in an LED or UV lamp.
    6. Wipe the surface of the nail with Cleanser ( Cleaner ) and file.
    7. We apply the desired color in semi-permanent varnish and finally the Top Coat .

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Milano Cosmetic



milk, 35

Weight* 86 g
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