Roller Waxer for Hair Removal FREE


Epilator single for wax rollers with on/off indication.

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Hair removal wax for roller blinds

  • Wax Roller for Hair Removal

    Instructions for use

    Before using it, make sure the skin is clean. Place the blind inside the device. Close the lid, turn on the switch and let it warm up for a few minutes.

    Roll the device over the skin to spread the wax in the direction of hair growth in the areas you want to remove. Place the hair removal tape over the waxed area. Pull the waxing paper in the opposite direction that the hair grows.

    After waxing, use a cleanser to clean off any wax residue that may be left on the device.

    After cleansing, use a moisturizer to get smooth and soft skin.

    Never use the device if:

    • the cord or plug is damaged,
    • It does not work properly,
    • has been exposed to water,
    • has been dropped or damaged in any way.

  • Wax Roller for Hair Removal


    • Do not place the device next to water or generally in wet areas.
    • If the device is exposed to water, unplug it immediately.
    • When the device is unplugged, some parts of the device will be activated for a while.
    • Keep the cable away from heated surfaces
    • Make sure the device is unplugged after use.
    • Use the device only for its intended purpose.

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