Stamping + Paint Gel Global Fashion Green 8ml 18


NEW NEW NEW !!! Gel Global Fashion suitable for designs and for Stamping without a sticky surface.

Gel for Stamp, Aeropuffing, Chinese Painting, French manicure.

Easy and fast designs on the surface of the nail, which ensures detailed and accurate work like no other product or gel for Nail Art.

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Stamping + Paint Gel Global Fashion are designed for all Nail Art techniques, suitable for creating very thin lines, line drawings, 3D drawings, Stamping, for painting, however they can also be used as a permanent nail color. They have perfect coverage and are available in wonderful light shades. No sticky surface after polymerization, so you do not need cleaning.

USE : Just apply them on a dry and clean, non-greasy surface! We can use it on a wiped glossy or matte surface or on its surface without sticky residue. (Be careful not to touch the surface you want to work on, to avoid greasy). You can easily make 3D drawings by applying more layers, one on top of the other. The extra layers stick together after polymerization without any problems (although there is no sticky substance after polymerization).

SUGGESTED POLYMER TIME: 30 seconds (LED, Led / UV, CCFL) / 2 minutes (UV).

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Global Fashion



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