Strong 210 + 105L Original


Original Saeshin Strong 210/105L nail drill is ideal for professionals.

5 years warranty.

Made in Korea.

In stock

Professional manicure pedicure nail drill

Original Saeshin Strong 210

with 105L pen

Strong nail drill Saeshin Strong 210 105L is a popular model for manicure-pedicure.

Strong 210/105L is ideal for beginners but more so for professionals because it is specially designed for long hours of use in nail bars & podiatry centers.

  • Thanks to the lightweight design, it is easy to carry.
  • Powerful motor and its pen has no vibrations during operation
  • High-quality pen 105L pleasant to the touch, does not heat up even after many hours of use.
  • Use in manicure – pedicure – podiatry.

  • Strong 210/105L


    • Professional nail drill for gold in manicure-pedicure STRONG 210/105L
    • Right & Left turns.
    • Excellent engine cooling system
    • Speed control
    • Overload protection system
    • Voltage 100V-110V / 220V-240V
    • Speed up to 40,000 rpm
    • Maximum torque 3.0 Ncm
    • Electric power 65W
    • Weight: 1.2 kg
    • Pen weight 200 gr
    • Unit dimension 140 x 132 x 86 mm and the pen ¢ 29 x 158 mm

Saeshin STRONG 210/105L: Ratio of turns and cutter

Marathon handpiece operating range chart

  • 5 years warranty. For the validity of the warranty, keep the original packaging of the product.
  • The warranty provided only covers the mechanical parts (motor – unit) and does not include the pen.
  • The warranty of the device is the receipt or the purchase invoice and starts from the date of receipt of the device.
  • In order the warranty to be valid, the nail drill must come for annual maintenance to the company’s service center after the first year of operation. Transportation costs from the Service are borne by the customer.
  • Important: If the device has been processed by a technician other than our authorized representative, the warranty is not valid.

We provide our customers with the original Saeshin Strong drills.

You can verify the authenticity of the product by removing the sticker on the bottom of the nail drill and scanning the QRCODE which is unique for each drill produced by the parent company SAESHIN PRECISION-KOREA.

The customer can check the authenticity of the nail drill by sending the serial number to the official site of the factory in Korea:

On the right side of the nail drill there is a switch for volts.

This switch must always show 220 volts and under no circumstances 110 volts.

Original Strong 210 105L wheel

Additional information





Strong 210


40000 rpm






5 χρόνια

Dimensions* 27 × 24 × 9 cm
Weight* 1,957 g
* Indicated Dimensions & Weight of Package


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