Wireless Nail Dust Absorber Blueque 858-7 80W


Blueque Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner is an essential tool for dust collection.

Runs up to 2-7 hours from the battery. Use wirelessly anytime, anywhere and it's perfect for those who love Nail Art.

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Rechargeable Nail Dust Absorber Blueque 858-7 80W

The Blueque 858-7 Aspirator is an essential tool for collecting dust and avoiding dangerous diseases, but also possible allergies caused by inhaling them over time.

This Blueque nail dust collector can be used up to 2-7 hours from the battery. It is very convenient to use wirelessly anytime and anywhere and perfect for those who love Nail Art.

The powerful motor ensures strong suction, leaving no residue from filing, cleaning the grooves and removing artificials.

Very easy to use, just place your hands or feet near the fan hole to easily absorb the dust and debris from Manicure & Pedicure work.

The soft and smooth surface offers you a pleasant experience. Suitable for collecting nail bits and dust from Manicure and Pedicure.

Easy cleaning of the surface with a soft brush. The reusable dust filter can be cleaned with a brush and reused.

With LCD screen with digital indicators, to easily adjust the absorption speed.

With cooling air outlet, so that the motor does not heat up, which extends the life of the device.

With memory function, so that – when re-activated – it returns to the last setting.

  • Nail Dust Absorber Blueque 858-7

    Technical specifications

    • Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Output: DC 12.6V
    • Power: 80 Watts
    • Fan rotation: 4500 rpm
    • Battery: 2000MAH
    • Material: ABS

  • Blueque Nail Dust Collector 858-7

    Instructions for use

    1. Press the O button to activate the hood.
    2. Press + – to adjust the speed.
    3. The device has a memory function, eg if you turn it off at 30, it will be 30 when you turn it back on.

  • Blueque 858-7: Dust extractor

    Cleaning Instructions

    • Use a soft brush to clean the surface or use a hair dryer (cold air) to blow on the back of the filter.
    • Replace the filter when the suction power is low.


Be sure to clean the fan and filter element regularly.
In case of any malfunction, do not touch the fan while it is running.

Additional information








4500 rpm



Dimensions* 38 × 22 × 11 cm
Weight* 1,644 g
* Indicated Dimensions & Weight of Package


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