Ceramic Bit Tirch Cylinder

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High quality ceramic nail drill bit for semi-permanent removal, gel 3/32 Flame Bit M

Due to the material, the removal is even easier and faster

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Ceramic nail drill bit 3/32 Flame Bit M and all ceramic milling machines are ideal for:

  • Semi-permanent or hybrid removal
  • Gel removal
  • To give shape to the nail
  • To smooth the acrylic or gel
  • To remove combi (combi manicure)

Ceramic bits have excellent quality and ergonomic construction, do not wear the surface of the natural nail. Sterilized in liquid and in an oven

Colors :

The colors in each nail drill bit indicate its roughness and not its hardness, as many believe.

The material is the same in all colors.

What changes is how rough the surface is.

The rougher the surface, the more material they remove.

The classification in relation to roughness is:

  • Red : a little rough
  • Blue : moderately rough
  • Green : very rough

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