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A new professional product has come from Global fashion to bring the revolution. This is the new GEL for tips. Reduce the application time of the Soft Gel Tips with the new product, which will make the process of placing them even easier. Flexible material that does not stick to the hands at all and does not need additional liquid for its installation!

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  • We make sure that the nail plate is adequately prepared, absolutely clean.
  • We apply the No Acid primer to the entire surface of the natural nail (from the nail to the free edge) without touching the area of the nail and the side folds of the nail.
  • Apply a layer of Base Coat clear and polymerize in a Led lamp for 60" and in a UV lamp for 120".
  • Extension Uv Gel for tips and before polymerizing we glue on the Soft Gel Tip of our choice.
  • In case an unnecessary amount has come out on the nails and outside the tip we have chosen, clean it and then polymerize.

The process has been perfected faster than ever before!


We choose the appropriate cutter for our wheel and with gentle movements we carefully remove the material, being careful not to damage the nail plate.

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