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Install the Professional Paraffin Appliance in your Studio and you will see your profits increase. Paraffin treatments are an ideal way to upgrade skin care services and attract new clients. As an added bonus, this easy treatment takes just a few minutes of your time, but your clients will leave the studio as relaxed and refreshed as ever!

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Paraffin treatment of hands and feet is very important because it moisturizes, protects the skin from aging and freckles and gives a silky effect. It is very nice and important for a woman to have beautiful, soft and well-groomed hands. Also, paraffin treatment is particularly suitable for problem nails and skin, but it can also have a healthy benefit for the nails, because it maintains their flexibility and strengthens the skin around them, which is a prerequisite for the health and durability of the fingers. . You can treat the elbow and knee areas in the same way if there is a problem with dry skin.

  • Paraffin device: Features

    • Voltage 220-240V / 50-60Hz
    • Power 150W
    • Packaging dimensions 33 x 25cm
    • Weight of 2 kg of the package


  • What you will need to do Paraffin treatment

    you will need:

    • Paraffin device
    • Paraffin
    • Cotton gloves and boots

    Application instructions:

    1. Before placing them in the device, make sure that you spray your hands and feet with antibacterial spray.
    2. It is good to do manicures and pedicures first and at the point where the treatments are mentioned to do paraffin instead of a mask.
    3. Turn on the appliance to get a temperature, while inside you have put a whole piece of paraffin from the package. Allow the paraffin to melt.
    4. Before placing your hands or feet, make sure that they are not hot but tolerable for the skin. Take off all your jewelry.
    5. Immerse the hand in the paraffin to the height of the wrist or the foot to the ankle. Repeat the process 3-4 times until a uniform, thick layer is formed.
    6. Wrap the area with cellophane film and put on the gloves.
    7. Apply the cotton glove well by hand to keep the temperature constant. This "closure" creates a pleasant accumulation of heat, forcing the pores to open. In this way, the substances we have placed are better absorbed into the upper layers of the skin.
    8. After 15 νετε remove the paraffin starting from the wrist or ankle with the help of cellophane. It leaves very easily. Apply a special protective cream.

  • Add paraffin to the device

    As you use the paraffin, you must turn it on. Paraffin should never be more than 50 mm from the top of the device or above the "MAX WAX LEVEL" mark inside the device. Leave your device on (ON). Carefully add the amount of paraffin you need. The paraffin you add will slowly begin to melt. You can continue treatments as long as the added paraffin melts.

  • Cleaning the Paraffin Appliance

    , or when you see that the paraffin is no longer clean "deposits" have accumulated at the bottom of the device. Old paraffin should never be reused. Plug in the appliance until the paraffin at the edges around the appliance softens and relaxes. DO NOT MIX THE HARD PARAFFIN IN THE APPLIANCE OR USE METAL TOOLS TO SCRATCH THE CONTAINER. Push down on one end of the paraffin and it will lift. Take the paraffin out of the container and throw it away. Unplug it. Wipe the inside of the appliance with a disposable towel to remove paraffin residues. Clean the inside and outside of the appliance with a general purpose cleaner. Then carefully dry the appliance. DO NOT DIP THE APPLIANCE IN WATER.

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Dimensions* 31 × 27 × 18.5 cm
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